1st photo (02/99)

On the left side is the (analog) interface board. The processors have already been put on the main board (on the right side). Both boards are 4 layered and equipped on both sides. The board has been designed for maximum power density contra minimun size (160 x 100 mm, euro-board). It was built to be used as a bridge between ethernet, serial ports and analog /digital signals by using a PowerPC and a DSP. The PowerPC can be used to serve the communication ports and to run the operating system while the DSP can be used for data processing (streaming, encoding, decoding, encryption, decryption). The analog interface is connected to its own bus through SMD connectors which makes it easy to use the main board in different environments such as laser animation, web terminals, ISDN router, remote serial line servers. For simple applications the board can be split in half to use the PowerPC part stand alone.