Development of a dual head projector for industrial applications in the area of marking. The projector is dust and splash-proof acording to IP54 and has a water-cooled base plate on which all components are mounted. It is well suited for the textile-processing industry where dust arises from cutting and so cleaning of filters, fans, heat sink and windows is not needed. For maximum scan speed, the system uses DC900 digital drivers and 6210 scanners from CTI with optimized power supply and heat dissipation. Heart of the projector is a ScanMaster3 board of the latest generation. The outlines of the displayed parts are sent over Ethernet to the geometrically corrected projector. Operating parameters can be retrieved and displayed by a control system. For safety, wire break-safe circuitry for keyswitch and emergency stops are used. Development of all mechanical and electronic parts as well as project-related firmware for prototypes up to production stage. The projector has a laser class 1 certification with the intended use.