ScanMaster1 - board (05/98)


  • Processing power of approx. 100 MIPS through 2 CPUs (PowerPC + CPM)
  • PowerPC (40MHz): 1MByte SRAM, 256KByte Flash ROM.
  • Simultaneously operates 2 Projectors.
  • 10MBit Ethernet.
  • IC System expansion bus (remote controls, ...).
  • 2 LEDs for simple diagnostics.
  • RS232 monitor for setup through terminal software.
  • Hardware watchdog shuts down the outputs on failure.
  • Converters use stabilized power supply.
  • 2x2x16Bit D/A (2x X,Y), 16x8Bit D/A (2x Color, Brush, ...).
  • 2x2x10Bit A/D for power measurements etc.
  • 2x3 digital in, 2x3 digital out.
  • The outputs can be arranged to be used as an ISP output.
  • 100x160mm (4 layer) form factor, height: 4TE (20mm).
  • On the fly calculation of up to 35.000 points per second.